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My heart is filled, when I connect with my clients. When I get to be present and listen, keep them company, and help them in any way I can.

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"Rhonda is daring bravely, to embrace the moments of fear, awkwardness, confusion, loss, in order to find the kind of deep connection and love that makes life meaningful."

-Vincent C.

"This book is one of those little treasures you just feel grateful to find. When I am feeling down and need a pick-me-up of inspiration, I just pop it open and Rhonda Hull’s playful and wise voice fills me with the inspiration I need."

-H. Hannagan

"I really loved the ideas and hints her book offers and plan to read it repeatedly in the years to come. I suggest this book to anyone who wants to simplify their life and make it more meaningful."

-Joy B.

"Thank you for all the energy you’ve given to others these last weeks and especially for your talk this morning. Lane said “she hit it out of the ball park” and “the best talk Rhonda has ever given.”


"I want to acknowledge how extremely helpful Rhonda Hull’s class on “Advance Directives” has been for me. I addressed some of these issues several years ago, but her class was so thorough in it’s suggested list of plans and preferences to consider, for that time when we are close to leaving this planet, that now I feel completely ready for my family and friends to see me through that passage. The information is pragmatic, and even included a notary to make it all official, in the end, but more than that, it is based on the knowledge that dying is a just a part of the experience of life. Rhonda knows that, and is strong enough to hold that place of groundedness, as we work through the logistics and the feelings that come up during such a process as this, and for that, I am extremely grateful."

-P. Weedman

"Rhonda is an amazing soul and an amazing coach! She has a calm, patient demeanor and gives solid, relevant feedback! Throughout my session, I felt heard and understood and I feel so much more confident after our session! I can’t wait to continue my journey now, thanks to Rhonda!!"

-J. Anderson

"I felt very comfortable in my session with Rhonda. She has a very comforting and relaxed style that really allowed me to open up. Her gentle, inquisitive nature helped me gain some insight into some beliefs that I had. This has helped me gain confidence in moving forward because I realized that those beliefs were holding me back from reaching my goals." 

-S. Beauregard

“Rhonda and I have shared our lives together and the support continues as we enter senior experiences now. I was a registered nurse for over 35 years , mainly in critical care and then hospice. Rhonda and I have always been able to mix our thoughts and help each other over so many years and experiences! She’s my person!”

-D. Hull

Rhonda Hull got the pain point with me that is freedom I need for further personal development. So she clarified that we two are not going to promise for having magic but we can't explore for miracle if happen. She is keeping me to explore ways if I feel free of my status. She is amazing

-Parisa, Refuggee in Kuala Lumpur  

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