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To ease the conversation around Death and Dying and to enhance peace of mind, my services include Consultation for End-of-Life Planning and completion of Advance Directive paperwork, Holistic Intuitive Life Coaching, and Inspirational Speaking.


Let’s connect to explore how I might offer support as you maneuver loss, grief, death, dying, and living fully.

Coaching & Consultation

  • Maybe you are grieving loss.

  • Perhaps, you are a caregiver who is weary to the bone and needs encouragement.

  • Maybe you have been thrown off-center by the aging process, or by an unexpected diagnosis, yours or someone you love.

  • Or, perhaps you are eager to ‘get all your ducks in a row’ practically through preparing paperwork and advance directives, as well as spiritually, so you can place your full focus on living and loving consciously.

Rhonda’s approach to coaching and consultation about maneuvering life’s twists and turns may be a refreshing shift from the old ‘expert/guru’ paradigm you expect. She makes exploring life’s big questions safe, but she doesn’t give people her answers. As a compassionate and trustworthy sounding-board, Rhonda nudges her clients to access and trust their own inner source of wisdom.

* income-sensitive pricing available.​ 



Need a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, or Special-Purpose Workshop?

"Plain and simple, Rhonda is phenomenal. Don’t be fooled by her lighthearted style. Far from being ‘Pollyanna-ish,’ Rhonda gets to the heart of what matters most. She can be trusted to deliver powerful insights as well as practical tools for making every moment matter, even when life is challenging. If you are ready to reclaim joy, remember how valuable you really are, and live with no regrets, call Rhonda.”

— Richard Carlson, author of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and it’s all small stuff.”



Rhonda offers online courses and workshops that encourage you to explore spiritual and practical questions about Living Fully, Death and Dying, Near-Death-Experiences, Advanced Directives, and making every moment matter, regardless of your circumstances.


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What I Specialize In


Loss & Grief


Death & Dying


Advance Directives


Conscious Enlightenment


Living Fully

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