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Need a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, or Special-Purpose Workshop?

“Plain and simple, Rhonda is phenomenal. Don’t be fooled by her lighthearted style. Far from being ‘Pollyanna-ish,’ Rhonda gets to the heart of what matters most. She can be trusted to deliver powerful insights as well as practical tools for making every moment matter, even when life is challenging. If you are ready to reclaim joy, remember how valuable you really are, and live with no regrets, call Rhonda.”


— Richard Carlson, author of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and it’s all small stuff.”

Rhonda’s reputation as a speaker, teacher, facilitator, Grandma ‘Tutu,’ and artist is built on her ability to implement using love as her compass, and this verve is fueled by her relentless determination to use her creativity to make every moment matter.

Although Rhonda has plenty of credentials and years of professional counseling and speaking experience, it is the challenges she has maneuvered in her own life and a near-death experience at age 17 that have taught her the most.

Rhonda knows first hand:

  • the burnout that comes from forgetting the importance of loving oneself as much as you love others

  • that self-care is an essential and missing piece (peace) that allows happiness to be found in the most unlikely circumstances.

  • that this precious present moment right now is the only one we really have and what we do with it is up to us

In every facet of her work, Rhonda uplifts the worn-out, done-in, and overwhelmed to access their inner courage, to rise up one more time than they fall, and to make every moment matter, even the hard ones.

Rhonda is gifted at giving voice to the questions and concerns we all are pondering deep inside, including death and dying, but are hesitant to express. With tenderness and tenacity, she assists her audiences in embracing life’s unexpected hurdles.

Although Rhonda tailors her topics to the specific needs of diverse audiences, she particularly loves speaking for women open to reconnecting with their innate power and resilience. She also has a tender place in her heart and loves speaking for those facing big challenges (theirs or someone else’s), parents, service providers, educators, and caregivers of special needs kids, especially those facing situations as big as cancer, autism, death and dying.

With bold lightheartedness, Rhonda has the rare ability to inspire audiences to access their innate power. She leaves audiences not only with hope, but also with simple, yet actionable, ways to move forward with greater joy and ease by making friends with change and uncertainty.

What you need to know about Rhonda:

  • Rhonda believes love is the answer to every question. She teaches others how to take a stand for self-love, and how self-love is the essential missing piece (peace)to a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

  • Rhonda tailors her keynote messages, workshops, and retreats according to the unique needs of each group.

  • Rhonda is experienced, flexible, professional, and easy to work with.

  • Rhonda trusts her intuition. By blending her intuition with her personal and professional experience she is able to highlight our innate worth, uncover new possibilities, and inspire hope, even where there appears to be none.

  • Rhonda has stood in the shoes of those she serves. She knows first hand the burnout that comes from forgetting the importance of loving yourself as much as you love others.

  • Rhonda chooses to savor each moment and profoundly inspired by her near-death experience, she honors the spiritual edge of life.

  • Rhonda inspires people to get up one more time than they fall, to discover the strength in vulnerability, and to thrive amidst challenging experiences.

Topics Rhonda loves to talk about...

Who Will Care for Wonder Woman:
Self-Love Essentials for Caregivers When You’ve Forgotten How to Soar

Finding Happiness in Unlikely Places:
Transforming Pain to Possibilities and Heartache to Power
(autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, loss, divorce, chronic illness, aging, etc.)


Aging Ain’t for Sissies:
Aging with Grace and Creating a Life that Matters While You’re Still Breathing

Taking a Stand for (Self) Love:
Daring to Love Yourself as Much as You Love Others to Make the World a Better Place


Granting Yourself Permission for ‘No Box’ Living:
Dare to Color Outside the Lines, Dissolve the Box, Live Life Knowing That It Is Precious and Brief, and Be Confident That You Are Worthwhile Simply Because You Breathe


Letting Death Teach Us How to Live Life Fully
Making friends with the taboo topic of Death and Dying and daring to get all our practical and spiritual ‘ducks in a row’ reveals the hidden benefits of showing us how to live life fully by using love as our compass.

Keep this in mind...

Rhonda particularly loves speaking for women who know there is more but are sure how to find it. Women who are hungry and willing to reconnect with their worth, rejuvenate their spunk and reconnect with their spiritual core.

Being one herself, Rhonda finds it especially important to encourage those 50+ who are aware that there are more years behind than ahead that there is no time to waste in living a meaningful life with no regrets.

Through her own near-death experience at age 17, and having weathered losses and challenges, her own and with others, she knows the importance of making every moment matter.

Now is the only moment we really have, so why wait?

Also, as Grandma Tutu to four grandkids with two on the autistic spectrum and one grand-nephew who is navigating the aftermath of cancer, Rhonda feels uniquely prepared to be present in support of parents, grandparents, service providers, educators and caregivers of special needs kids.

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