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Meet Rhonda

Grief, Death, & Living Fully Coach

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Hello Dear Friends, 

As different as we are, we all share two things in common. We are born, and we will all die, yet, the many topics that surround death remain taboo. Here you have full permission to explore and be curious.

Most of us have been taught to fear death. We let loss and grief become roadblocks to joy. And, whether we deny or resist topics related to death and dying, the truth is that no one gets out alive. Life becomes easier when we surrender to life’s uncertainty.​ 

Our most challenging journey of a lifetime is only about 16 inches… from our head to our heart. We only experience an illusion of control from the very first inhale to our last exhale, and beyond. For those with eyes able to see, hidden within the many twists, turns, and heart-breaking circumstances are amazing gifts otherwise not within our grasp. 


A near-death experience at age 17 taught me that death need not be feared. Although I value all my professional education and experience, my most meaningful lessons have come as a result of my own heartache and losses. Being vulnerable to uncertainty, I discovered that the most valuable questions we can dare to ask ourselves are…

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  • “What would life be like if, rather than seeing death as a formidable foe, we embraced it as the persistent reminder to savor every moment, even the messy ones?” 

  • “What if death was life’s invitation to live fully?” 

  • “What would life be like if we lived it believing that love is the answer to every question?”

No matter the reason why a conversation about death and dying is now unavoidable, I hope you find this to be a trustworthy place to be vulnerable, gain insights about death and dying, give yourself permission to savor every moment, even the bittersweet ones, and to discover that all the wisdom we need is within us. Please know that I am willing to walk with you.  

May you dare to let love lead,


About Living Fully

'Living Fully' is a fundamental concept in all of the work that we do together. The idea is...

rather than seeing death as a formidable enemy, we can see it as a precious reminder that

every breath, every moment, is precious. Therefore, we practice the art of

making every moment a keepsake moment.  


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What I Specialize In


Loss & Grief


Death & Dying


Advance Directives


Conscious Enlightenment


Living Fully

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