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Connecting-the-Dots to Discover Your ‘WHY’: Raea Stika Interviews Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

We plan.

We rehearse.

We want it to be perfect.

We want to be clear and in control.

But, when we insist on perfection, we lose the heart of what matters.

One day, I was on an adventure for greater clarity about my ‘IT,’ knowing that sometimes the clearest verbal miracles and insights happen when you’re not trying, My dear friend and compassionate, newly-retired professional Caregiver, Raea Stika, suggested that we turn the tables. She would interview me since I had recently interviewed her about her life’s path! Brilliant.

I am a great over-thinker who loves to think deeply and explore life with an abundance of words.

It is often the case that until questions are asked of me, the answers swirl around in my head, remaining unclear. Yet, somehow magically when responding to a question, I am able to bypass the inner critic, allowing potential wisdom and insights to fall out of my mouth in a more authentic form.

When I listen to what formulates on the spot and falls out of my mouth not yet contaminated by over-thinking and self-judgment, I am sometimes pleasantly surprised by a flush of appreciation that I may actually have something valuable and worth sharing.

Rhonda Hull

Rhonda Hull

Always an edge-walker dedicated to holding the space for others to access their courage and find meaning, love, and joy in the most unlikely circumstances, I suspect the ‘IT’ that I DO and the curious person I AM will never quite fit on a business card, but will always find myself at the right place at just the right time with just the right person as we make the most out of life.

Through this spontaneous conversation with Raea Stika where I ‘connect- the-assorted and diverse-dots’ of my life from ‘womb-to-tomb,’ I verbalize new insights about how each experience along the way, including my near-death-experience, have meticulously and magically prepared me to bring greater calm to challenging moments as well as celebrate miracles.

Less than 38% of people have completed their Advance Directives paperwork that acts as a guide for their preferences, should they not be able to speak for themselves. Nudged forward through noticing how COVID-19 has presented a whole expanded set of challenges. it becomes even more important for you to declare your preferences. It serves you and the ones you love to take time A.S.A.P. to ‘get your ducks-in-a-row.’

It is a very good idea for us to get clear on their values, become curious,  take action to ask our questions and declare in writing our preferences about death and dying, not as a reaction prompted by fear, but as a gift… to offer greater peace to yourself and the ones you love left behind by empowering your End-of-Life preferences through the completion of your Advance Directives paperwork.

Daring to find the courage to have the unease conversations about death, dying, and living, it is my experience that you will discover that death need not be feared. It becomes a challenging but essential part of life here to remind us to savor every moment, even the messy ones, and live fully now. DON’T WAIT.

So, come on the adventure with us as we discover the value that comes from  ‘connecting-the-dots’ in your life, and I invite you to reach out if I can be of service.

As spiritual teacher, Ram Dass reminds us:

“After all, we’re just walking each other home.”

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