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One word inspiration and questions to revive the fed-up, face-down, worn-out, overwhelmed, and done-in who are ready to rise.


Too often we find ourselves in a situation that demands us to care for others more than ourselves.


We know we need to course-correct in a way that includes self-care, but the momentum of the circumstances-at-hand makes it appear impossible to stop. Each of these 22 powerful Zentangle words is infused with positive energy and, along with each word’s thought-provoking questions, they become portable enlightenment.

This set of cards can sit in their jewel case stand to beckon you as you pass by, or you can grab one individual card to take with you to reflect on while you are on the ‘go.’ These powerful words are designed to refuel your heart and reconnect you with your own inner wisdom.




SKU: V4081804920

    • 13 Cards Of 22 Zentangle Hand-Lettered Words Of Wisdom
    • 5.5 X 5
    • Jewel Case Folds Back To A 45 Degree Angle To Form A Tabletop Display Stand
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