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Life is too messy to walk through it alone.


This tender book is dedicated to all the people in your life who are there for you and go the ‘extra mile’ in good times and bad.


My Little Red Book includes part of Jana’s courageous story and shares her touching lyrics and impactful reflections by Rhonda Hull. It also includes Address Book and Journal pages designed by Rhonda, using her imaginative Calligraphy.


This precious book is the perfect gift for someone you love who loves you and inspires us all to cultivate and be thankful for your special trustworthy people in our life


Music has long been an effective way to communicate and is part of our popular culture. 


Calligraphy is an older art form that can be described as music without sound where the brush dances and the ink sings. 


This unique book intentionally brings together these two creative arts. It demonstrates that words sung in a song are like a book that can be read and re-read – making this message more alive, meaningful, and lasting.


SKU: V4081805029
    • 200 pages, off-white paper
    • 20 pages for contacts and related information
    • 40 notes/journal pages
    • Spiral bound
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