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Buckle-Up, then Hands Up

Dear Ones I love attempting to find the sweet spot between mindfulness and fear,

It seems we are amidst a difficult time. We are feeling growing pains. Living in the human reality is quite an adventure of exercising our choice and free-will while maneuvering the human experience with others who are traveling a similar path unique to their own lessons and callings.

The circumstances we all face that seem so overwhelming to so many invite us to get clearer on what we want, focus our intentions there, and through our observation refine our own contribution to the greater good. No matter how things appear, on the roller-coaster ride, we cannot fail. We are sure to learn something. I love it when I can remember that the ride becomes even sweeter when we surrender and let love lead.

Although we love living in our comfort zone, we are now living within a huge growth-spurt. We can judge it as bad, or we can stretch to see the good. The choice that we make is where our power lies.

Though potentially uncomfortable, this off-kilter time provides a profound invitation for our own personal course-correction and calls for strengthening our focus on well-being.

The big question we always face is, “Do we trust and operate as if the Universe is friendly?” The circumstances we perceive are far less important than what we do with them.

Life is a ‘practice,’ not a ‘perfect.’ It gets messy, and still, all is well if we can laugh now and then, and hold the intention to stand one more time than we fall. Remember, a jetliner is only ‘on course’ 3% of the time

and still makes it to its destination, even when the destination needs to be altered due to a storm. Course-correction is key amidst constant change. Sometimes it is graceful and sometimes messy.

These times of falling apart and rebuilding offer us great opportunities to strengthen our ability to see love and order where there appears to be none. Life becomes much more fun, and a blessing to others, at the times we can experience joy even amidst the chaos at Costco! It dares us to apply what we know deep-down. Not always easy, but that is the moment of choice before us.

This unimaginable shift of circumstances is offering us more time without distractions and more time to reflect within, more opportunities to be creative in how we stay connected, more opportunities to take responsibility for our own joy.

We are tempted to look outside for solutions when the answers are all within. Our thoughts can easily drift to lack, fear and attempting to change and control what is outside of us when our truly greatest opportunity is to uplift and surrender to the energy that we are, the vibration that is inside of us, and then to live that from the insight-out. The opportunity is to see that by strengthening our inner awareness and perceptions, our outer reality and experiences will shift not only for ourselves but for others.

Moment by moment I look for ways to focus on what is working and to up-level my commitment to what I know.

I offer you this Abraham rampage for those who are open to it to uplift your thoughts, welcome all that is good, and transform our thoughts to better serve the greater good. If not this, I urge you to find some way to uplevel your thoughts and feelings.

Remember, it would be silly not to buckle up on the roller-coaster ride, so wash your hands, trust in abundance when purchasing toilet paper and groceries, and be mindful of social-distancing when out in public to demonstrate care and respect for those who may be more vulnerable.

Then, accept that you chose this adventure ride, check your safety-belt and secure the bar, hang on for an amazing ride, scream if you must, try not to wet your pants or throw-up, stay fully present rather than wishing the ride would end, and perhaps at times dare to let go of the bar and put your hands in the air to fully experience free-fall while tucked safely in place.

Choose, even if moment by moment, to surrender and enjoy the wind in your face.

I wish you all a very good day, week, month, year, life. We are in this together.

Always love,

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