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Carrie Andrews Shares Her Personal and Professional Experience as a Patient Advocate

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

We are at an unimaginable time when people are being scared to death by the assorted, changing, and incongruent information about the COVID-19, if not by the virus itself. Where people could formerly avoid the topic of death, now it is almost unavoidable.

Long before this pandemic phenomenon, I have had the urge to normalize the conversation about death and dying, and somehow help people accept death as a part of life that reminds us to live every moment fully, even the messy ones.

It has been my experience that when we voice the concerns about death and dying that we have kept hidden, we realize that we are not alone, and by expressing our fears and asking our questions in a supported environment, we are better able to transform them and make them far more manageable. I was lucky to find someone who shares this perspective.

Nudged forward by her personal and professional past experience she has found herself drawn to patient advocacy and end-of-life issues, and is now working as a Patient Advocate and end-of-life educator.

Because Carrie and I stand on common ground believing in the importance of empowering people about the eventual experience of death and dying, it has been a delight to learn from her wisdom, and share meaningful insights. 

Carrie is dedicated to her work. She draws upon her strong communication and organizational skills by offering in-person classes and consultations that help people address their advanced care and death-related concerns fiscally, legally, and emotionally. It was her meaningful work that has inspired me to offer a similar class online and coming soon.

Not enough people realize the importance of having a strong patient advocate, and/or a Health Care Agent willing to take a stand for your well-being when you are most vulnerable.

Carrie offers services as a Patient Advocate for her clients by attending doctor’s visits with people to help navigate their medical condition or situation and ensure that their wishes are upheld.

Carrie now is facing one of her most challenging advocacy situations by helping her own mom maneuver her journey with Alzheimer’s.

Anyone who participates in the caregiving role is a weary saint and especially challenged when the illness is as relentless and the road potentially as long as when supporting someone with Alzheimer’s.

Carrie finds herself on that journey now with her own mom, and so what she shares is more than merely the important essential information, but insightful and heartfelt as a result of her own unfolding personal experience.

Carrie, thank you for sharing so honestly your insights and first-hand-experience.

I encourage you all to visit Carrie’s website and sign up for her informative newsletter. She also has access to many resources.

For more information about Carrie Andrews:

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