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Conversation with Kelsey Dalziel: Insights and Gifts offered by a Medium and Soul Coach

For some of you, entertaining the gifts of a Medium may be a bit of a stretch outside your comfort zone, and just a bit too woo-woo. Yet, some of my greatest insights have come by remaining open to everything and attached to nothing. I find that my near-death experience has primed me for this stuff.

As we are still confined to home (unless we are an essential worker or choosing to live under a rock, or even for those serving on the front line facing heartache and loss up closer) it might be time to exercise that stretch and this opportunity to imagine greater possibilities than fit into our assumed five senses.

Kelsey Dalziel

Kelsey Dalziel – Medium and Soul Coach

Little nudges, and that important voice within me that I have learned to trust more than not, led me to reach out to Kelsey Dalziel. And, she reached back.

Oh, how grateful I am that I listened to that call when the light-bulb went off in me that inspired me to trust that speaking to a medium about death, dying and living fully was an important addition to the conversations we all need to have to embrace death as a valuable reminder to live every moment fully now.

In our lively conversation, Kelsey Dalziel shares about her journey as a Medium, Soul Coach and sensitive entrepreneurial woman daring to live life authentically amidst the paradigm shift we are experiencing, determined to act in the service of others while honoring and expanding her own well being.

Just prior to our recorded interview conversation, Kelsey offered me a reading that was unforgettable and life-affirmative, uplifting and spot on. Knowing nothing about me before the reading, she honed in on specifics that were undeniable truth that expanded my peace and supported my purpose.

What seems to me like an amazing gift, Kelsey believes that her role as an intuitive is to

reveal to us that these sensitive connections are a skill that each of us have, and can develop within ourselves. She works with people as a Medium, and then if they are interested, as a Soul Coach who holds the space for those she works with as they discover the most positive sense of their true self and expand the certainty that we are all loved and applauded always by those we love, even if they have died.

Listen, and determine for yourself. I highly recommend Kelsey, and appreciate her contribution toward making loss feel less permanent and grief an easier path to walk.

To learn more about this spunk spiritual sensitive woman, visit:

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